Meet Business Coach Robin Allen, MPA, and the community for success-driven, overworked yet still hustling and rising mompreneurs


Our Vision

Bringing moms together through our shared desire to make a greater impact in our lives, and contribute more to our households

“Motherhood is challenging enough, and can downright be the pits if you are lacking in the finance department.  Many mothers suffer through silently because it’s taboo to admit you feel trapped, you’ve given up everything, you’ve put your life on hold, and it bothers you slightly that you are working a job you don’t even like just to make ends meet while daycare and teachers

babysit and teach our kids for the majority of the day. Clearly, we can’t put the kids back, and the fire departments have a three-day turn your kid in rule that I obviously passed up, so I encourage moms to make the most of motherhood. Live a more fulfilling life, and go after what you want.  You can do this! You have something to offer. You can be compensated for the value

you add to the marketplace! Admittedly, since we have them, we want more time with our kids, bigger, better vacations with our kids, or better nannies that keep the kids while we imagine we don’t have kids.  Either way, money can alleviate some of the stress we experience as moms, and afford the family richer opportunities to experience, and even enjoy life.”

For Busy and Ambitious Moms,

I know that 5 minutes is sometimes all the time you have in between school drop-offs, work, Target runs, Amazon shopping, and making dinner. Lets face it…moms do it all. Mom, Keep it Simple helps make business startup and streamlining seamless for moms.

Where moms are inspired, influenced, and encouraged to get money!  

Robin Allen, MPA, a business and marketing coach, the founder of Mom, Keep it Simple, is a UCLA graduate, former professional model, former law enforcement officer.

She has enjoyed success as a work-at-home mom in the private investigations industry and a law enforcement consulting business.

Robin is a mother of two kids who was inspired to launch this community by her desire to help moms globally achieve the lives they really want. Whether you are a SAHM, WAHM, or WOHM, I know that moms want to be with their kids as much as they can AND get money.